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Welcome to The Y-Tee of the Chippewa Valley





Green Tee (beginners), Red Tee (Intermediate I), White Tee (Intermediate II), and Blue Tee

The Blue Tees classes will be held at the Hickory Hills Golf Course for their two-week summer sessions.  There will be a weekly trip to Dicks Divot Driving and Range. We will still be able to offer added experience on course management, challenging shots, advanced rules, longer irons and drivers, and driving range practice. As always these classes will have the opportunity for additional time on the course, learning how to put all the skills together.

Wednesday’s “Play-day” on the course.
Thursday’s will consist of putting all your skills together in challenging, but fun games.

Junior Achievement Youth Skills Challenge - at Hickory Hills
Come and enjoy a skills challenge in putting, chipping and driving for only $10!
Sign up at the Junior Achievement office or call Hickory Hills for more information!

We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities. The Y-Tee is dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth through character building and value-driven educational curriculums all through the game of golf.

What is The Y-Tee?
The Y-Tee is a fun-filled program where you’ll learn all about the value of character and the great game of golf. We provide four levels of education that are geared to various ages and ability levels. You will begin by learning the basic components of a golf swing and the parts of the course. As you advance, you’ll continue to learn more rules, goal settings, golf etiquette and build off your existing skill level. 

But you’ll learn a lot more…
You’ll find out that golf is a lot like life. Sometimes you get a good bounce, while other times your ball rolls into the rough. The Y-Tee will teach you that whatever happens – in the game of golf or in life – you must stay positive, believe in yourself, and do your best to achieve your goals.

Group Specialty Classes
Do you belong to the Girl or Boy Scouts, 4H, summer school programs, church groups or any youth group? If your group is looking for a fun-filled activity to participate in…
You’re in luck!

The Y-Tee of Chippewa Valley is offering group specialty classes that run Monday-Thursday from 8am-9:15am, available throughout the summer. 

Hickory Hills Golf Course (715.878.4543) to book a group specialty class for your program if you are interested!!! 

Financial Concern?
Please contact Donny Tischey by calling Hickory Hills (715.878.4543) to learn about your child’s eligibility for a scholarship. We strive to leave no child behind!

Not sure what class you should sign up for?

*Green Tee:

beginning players between the ages of 4-6 - $18 non-Ymember / $15 Ymember

*Red Tee: 

beginning & novice players ages 7+  - $20 non-Ymember / $18 Ymember

*White Tee:

Completed at least one Red Tee class; or have 1-3 years golf experience playing independently $20 non-Ymember / $18 Ymember

**Blue Tee:

must have completed Red and White Tee classes or have Intermediate golf abilities AND 12-17 years old. This level lasts 2-weeks $30 non-Ymember / $25 Ymember

Please Note: When selecting a level please keep in mind the program is structured to meet the needs of participants based on golf experience level. Individual levels will be further broken down to be age appropriate to ensure participants enjoy the program with fellow golfers closer to their age.

If you haven’t already registered, what are you waiting for?!

Affiliated Course: Dicks Divot Driving Range

Hickory Hillls Golf Course
E4080 Hickory Rd,
Eau Claire, WI, 54701




Proud Members of the National Golf Foundation, Wisconsin Golf Owners Association and Chippewa Valley Golf Association

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